5 Things every parent should consider before registering your child in dancing school

1. What makes the studio different from all the others?

At first glance, dance studios in the same area can look pretty similar. But there can be some major differences. Dimensions is not only about dance. Through Dimensions On Stage we offer a complete curriculum of top notch singing, acting, musical theatre and theatre arts training. Performing arts training builds confidence, intuition, and public speaking skills which will help carry the artist through all aspects of their professional life.  In addition, Dimensions in Dance and Dimensions On Stage will help prepare a student at any age for upcoming auditions, showcases, schools, summer intensives, etc. We want our students to succeed, it only makes us look better! For more info, go to www.DimensionsOnStage.com


2. How much running around will I have to do?

Life is crazy, dancing school doesn't have to be! D.I.D. has 39 years of experience making sure our families are happy so the arts can be factored into everyone's busy schedules. Here are some things we have thought of for you:

    * All required shoes, uniforms, clothing and merchandise can be bought directly through the studio at the same cost or less than retail stores.  If we don't have it in stock, we'll order it for you and your child can pick it up at their next class.

    * Costumes are ordered through the studio and tried on during class. This way when you get it home, you know it fits properly. In addition, we will now offer custom sewing services.  Some costume companies send out separate pieces and accessories which require additional sewing.  If this is not for you, we are happy to commission a seamstress to do the work for you.

    * More E-Communication!  Monthly newsletters will be e-mailed directly to the parent so you always know what is going on.


3. Bigger is NOT always better.

Do you want a school where everyone knows your child- his/her name, class, history and special needs- or do you want a factory? Our foremost concerns are your child's experience and their development. By offering one class at a time, we can dedicate our full attention to the class at hand to make sure all dancers get the respect, training and attention they deserve.


4. What kind of certification does the studio have?

Good dancer does not necessarily mean good teacher! Dimensions is certified by Dance Educators Of America. Our tap, jazz, and ballet classes follow a syllabus for safe and correct teaching that promotes flexibility, musicality and proper muscular development. We are very proud and happy to boast about our professional staff.  They are all great dancers and great teachers who make an effort to connect with each student and be a positive influence in their lives.

5. What are my goals and do they match the intentions of the studio?

Do I want my child to just dance around without instruction, do I want my child in a super strict ABT training program, or do I want a supportive environment with excellent quality training  delivered in a fun and stimulating way? We believe that dance and the discipline it provides, lays the foundation for a healthy, balanced life. Our training builds strong bodies, stimulates creativity, and can lead to a successful life in the arts. Dance requires hard work and commitment, but should always be fun, creative and joyful. Make sure your needs match the interests of the studio so it is a positive experience for everyone.