Tuesday Ballet 4:45-5:30 Ages 6-7

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Tuesday Ballet 4:45-5:30 Ages 6-7


A beautiful ballet class for your young ballerina-in-training. This beginner class is designed for developing dancers. Body placement and awareness, ballet terminology, positions and beginner movements are all part of what is covered during this class. Dancers will love performing with grace and beauty while strengthening their muscles, balance and fine motor skills.

Monthly Tuition $70. Note: A $3 Service Charge will be added to every online payment.

*Please Note: Placement in all classes is at the discretion of teachers and studio owners based on age/level/suitability. To ensure that every child is in the most appropriate class for him/her, enrollment is not guaranteed and subject to change during the first month while all classes are being assessed.

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*Our school year runs from September 10, 2018 through June 22, 2019. 

*We do not pro-rate classes for absences. 

*A $50 Registration Fee is required for all new students; $40 Registration fee for returning students

*Proper dance attire and adherence to dress code is mandatory. All classes require dance footwear.